The Biggest Domain Sales Of 2021

We’re now past the halfway point of 2021 and it’s been an explosive one for aftermarket domain sales. DNJournal tracks the year’s biggest domain name sales, and it reports that eight domain names have sold for over $1 million already. There are likely many more seven-figure sales which have taken place this year, but most of them are subject to non-disclosure agreements which means those sales will never come to light. Listed below are the top domain sales thus far in 2021.

1. $3,150,000
It’s the biggest holiday of the year, and Christmas is year-round for some companies. One of those companies is Gordon Companies based out of New York. The company imports, wholesales, and retails Christmas merchandise such as ornaments, lights, and wreaths. It acquired this domain under a four-year payment plan, but paid it off early.

2. $2,500,000
It’s one of the biggest industries on the web, and it currently sits at #2 as the most expensive domain to sell in 2021. The sale of was announced on 8/18/2021 having sold through GetYourDomain. However, the domain is under whois privacy and doesn’t currently resolve to any website.

3. $2,000,000
Angel Studios is a crowdsourced film making website. It recently raised $5 million for an animated TV series called The Wingfeather Saga and $1 million for a TV series called Freelancers. Oh, and it crowdfunded a $5 million round of funding for its own company, which gave it the wherewithal to spend $2 million on this new domain name.

4. $1,950,000
ironSource is a platform that helps businesses scale up their user base with ROI positive campaigns that connect you to users who are interested in your products or services. The company has over 800 employees, 9 global offices, and 2.3 billion monthly active users. They now own one of less than one hundred total two letter combination domain names and acquired it around 8/4/2021 via a private sale.

5. $1,945,000
Cryptocurrency investors are awash in cash despite a recent pullback. These investors have acquired lots of domains, including, which is a bitcoin and crypto wallet.

6. $1,350,000 is the second two letter .COM domain we’ve seen go for over $1 million dollars this year. The domain sale was reported on 7/21/2021 through VIP Brokerage (DomainAssets) and doesn’t currently resolve to any page or website. A whois lookup on the domain shows it’s under private registration, but is registered through GoDaddy.

7. $1,250,000
Meme images have grown in popularity almost as quickly as the social media websites they’re passed around on. Visit this domain and you’ll see some of your favorite memes, such as Grumpy Cat. The site doesn’t exactly seem like a great use of $1.25 million dollars, which makes me think the buyer probably has a lot more planned for it.

8. $1,008,900
eBikes (or any kind of bike) had a huge resurgence during the pandemic. Bosch, known for everything from kitchen appliances to eBikes, bought this domain for over $1 million bucks. The seller made a nice return; he bought the domain for about $72,000 in an expired domain auction back in 2018.

The remainder of the year promises to be full of more big sales. In fact, it will be interesting to see how expensive a domain has to be to land on the top 10 by the end of the year.