The Only Statistic That Matters in Domain Parking

If there is one thing you will learn from this article it’s that RPC, RPM and most other statistics do not matter when it comes to the world of domain parking. I’ve often had people ask me questions like “what are the three most important statistics I should look at for my parked domains?” My answer to that would be there is only one statistic you should really be paying attention to: revenue

Sure, people like to talk about revenue per click (RPC), revenue per thousand impressions (RPM) and many other little factors. Heck, at one time I also looked at all those other metrics. Then, after expanding my learning with the world of domain parking I discovered not every parking company is the same. In fact, each domain parking company out there counts visitors and clicks differently. That means you might be getting a $100 RPM at one parking company and $200 at another. That isn’t necessarily because you’re getting more clicks, it’s simply because the second company counted half of the visitors that the first one did.

That’s not the only reason RPM doesn’t mean as much as total revenue. Some parking companies might have the ability to get your domains into search engines like Google and Bing. If you get a $100 RPM with one company and only $50 RPM with another, but the latter manages to get your page into search engines which can deliver five times as much traffic, you would be better off choosing that one.

When you’re working with just one domain parking company it’s good to see as many different statistics as possible. Each statistic can give you an overview on different areas of performance. However, when choosing between two or three different parking companies you should only be looking at the revenue number. Curious which domain parking companies are worth checking out? Below is a small list of reputable companies you can experiment with right now!

ParkingCrew – This established domain parking company has been around since 2011 and has been featured on DomainSherpa, DNJournal and many others. They offer a flexible API, NET15 payouts, mobile templates, and more.

Voodoo – This is another well-established domain parking company, but you’ll need to have a larger portfolio before creating an account. They offer auto optimization, 1 and 2 click landing pages, customizable layouts, and more. Keep in mind Voodoo is probably the toughest to get accepted into out of all companies in this list.

DomainSponsor – DomainSponsor was launched several years ago and offers domain parking for both large and small investors. They feature keyword optimization, mobile landing pages, plus both 1 and 2 click landing pages. Payments are sent on a NET15 basis and offered via Paypal or ACH/Bank wire.

Sedo Parking – Sedo is one of the oldest and most trusted companies around the domain industry. While most people might think of Sedo as just another domain marketplace, they actually offer domain parking as well. No domain portfolio is too small or large for parking at Sedo. The company offer payments via wire transfer or Paypal, layouts customizable for different languages, monthly payouts, the fastest webpage loading times, and more!