Pheenix is back to business

Pheenix is one of the most famous domain backorder company, however, it became quite unsuccessful catching domains in the recent months. They are not alone with declining trends, other earlier successful backorder companies like BackorderZone, Pool or Ukrnames are almost only successful if no other backorder companies are involved.  At the moment, Dropcatch, Namejet and Snapnames wins all.

Pheenix is not the company who is going to lose its position without fight. Their CEO, Tan Tran sent an email to partners that they were working in the background to improve the success rate. The most important change is clearly that they multiplied the number of registrars involved in backordering by 6 times. This means that their chances to win a domain increase about the same extent. This came along with a slight price increase but they are still among the cheapest ones with their new, $22 fees. For the best pending delete domains which go to auction and are sold for 4-5 figures, this is not an issue. For hardcore bidders, there is a Super Saver plan with $14 pricing, although if a domain has both regular backorder (called Gold backorder) and a Super Saver backorder, than it will be given to the customer with Gold backorder. So super saving plan is really just for bulk backordering lower quality pending delete names.

We are looking forward to seeing whether Pheenix efforts will be enough to be back to the game or not.