5 Tips To Make Your Content Go Viral

Every internet marketers dream is to make a marketing campaign that has everything it needs to go viral, and then it does! Everybody’s seen it, is talking about it, sharing it, and clicking the little blue like button for it. Getting something to go viral is an amazing feeling and having just one piece of content go viral can pull in lots of revenue over a very short period of time. If you’re a blogger, what you’re probably most interested in is writing blog posts that go viral. Otherwise, maybe you’re interested in reaching a broader audience to promote videos, podcasts or some other type of content. Regardless, follow the five tips I share in this post and I’ll bet you will begin to notice better results and a larger reach!

1. Write Appealing Content

The first thing I need to be clear about is that people don’t want to share garbage. People have a certain online “reputation” and “status” among their friends and followers. So, it makes total sense that we share what we think is worthwhile and won’t harm our status. That’s why we usually share either funny things or some quality content. So, the first step in making content that can become viral is to devote time and effort to the craft of writing the perfect post. This is not something new: good content provides solutions to people’s real problems and, above all, goes beyond the simple promotion of products or services. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really matter how good your posts are if nobody reads them, right? That’s where click-bait titles come in. Click-bait titles are those that awaken our most primal instincts (curiosity, envy, greed) and urge us to click just to see what lies behind them. As long as you’re really adding value in your post, I think it’s totally OK to use such titles, as it’ll maximize your chances of getting people to read your work.

2. Get to the Point Quickly

The main problem with social media is the speed at which content is consumed. Everything goes extremely fast and it’s hard for anyone to have much time to read anything in depth. Most people end up skimming content or jumping from title to title in hopes they can find a quick answer to the exact question they have, without wasting time on the details. So, as the author of your blog, I recommend you get to the point quickly. Viral content is usually short, fast and effective. It only takes a few seconds to understand what’s going on… and a few more seconds on and you’ll want to share it!

3. Make It Visual

Videos. Memes. GIFs. Those are the things which get the most attention these days. Everything that is visual has an ability to communicate in a few seconds which the written medium does not. Still, if you have a blog or website that isn’t visual, it’s perfectly okay! There are several other resources you can use (Giphy, YouTube..etc) to get that visual touch online and out there to the world. Use them to your advantage and you will see how your content is more enjoyable and attractive.

4. Promote on Social Media

The next step to making your content go viral is to give it the promotion it deserves. If you just write some content following the first 3 tips and wait for Google to position it in search results the organic way, you will probably fail at going viral. You need to put in some work and go the extra mile to give your content the push it needs if you want it to go viral. Promotion in social media is the obvious and logical step, especially considering that’s where the content will be going viral. Sharing your content is the best way to promote it. This can be done several ways: Share on your own accounts, ask friends to share on their accounts, use websites like AddMeFast and FollowLike to have others share it as well. You can even go to sites like Fiverr and buy social media shares from people.

5. Let Others Play the Main Role

The last piece of advice I’m going to give is all about choosing the right words when sharing your content. Remember, don’t focus on yourself too much and keep your followers in mind: They are the ones who have to share your message and contribute to making it go viral. Therefor, make sure you address your message to them. After all, viral content is a team effort!