is back on the market – A domain goldmine with quality content is now for sale!

Ever since we’ve acquired, we knew it was going to be something special. But we also knew that for the website to reach its full potential – the cornerstone of which was an outstanding domain name that no domainer in their right mind would have missed out on -, we have to put in an immense amount of work and fill it up with content that’s on-par with the domain name in terms of quality and marketability. After devoting two of the most precious things that all human beings have and neither of which are in endless supply – time and energy, that is – to, we feel like that the site has blossomed into something special and our work with it is done, so we’re ready to sell it to the highest bidder and focus on our next great project. In case you’re still not convinced that is currently one of the best investments on the market, you will be by the time you get to the end of this post.

The auction can be found on Flippa:

As we have already discussed in depth in a previous post, .com extensions still reign supreme despite the fact that dozens of new gTLDs have appeared on the domain scene. Some of these gTLDs were thought and spoken of as the second comings of .com (we’re looking at you, .xyz and .app), but reality and more importantly investors had other plans in mind, and the new gTLDs that flooded the market only strengthened the position of .com as the undisputed alpha of the domain extension pack.

Now that we’ve mentioned .app, it is very much worth noting that although Google has purchased the extension for $25 million in March 2015, the project has been on pause ever since, further boosting the value of

We’re extremely proud of the high Google ranking of (top positions for the most relevant keywords – “android apps”, to be perfectly exact), but knowing the quality, quantity, and multifariousness of the website’s content (which, of course, has significantly contributed to the aforementioned high Google ranking),’s impressive Google ranking is a secondary selling point at best.

The website’s primary selling point – besides its killer domain name and the potential to become the absolute number one Android app review site on the internet – is its vast selection of best-of app compilations and app top lists covering hundreds of topics from the most useful apps for people living with diabetes to the cutest cat games of all time. All articles were written with meticulous attention to detail by skilled professionals having years of experience in journalism and in content creation.

Our goal from the get-go regarding articles was to find that coveted and elusive balance between form and content, a goal we believe to have accomplished thanks to our team of copywriters and to our tireless research with which we’ve managed to unearth the most popular topics concerning Android apps.

Due to the high Google ranking of, the ever-increasing number of daily visitors, and last not least on account of the one hundred percent relevant, original, and high-quality content that the website is bursting with, is the perfect medium for sponsored content and for online advertising. You don’t need much of an imagination to envision the plethora of financial opportunities that provides.

Although started out as a passion project, it has, through hard work and dedication, become a booming online business that is still far from reaching its full potential. is one of the flagship website of our company, but we feel like we made the most out of it, and due to other projects appearing on our horizons, there is only so much time and energy we can devote to a single website; and taking to the next level would require more of both.

Regardless of the plans you have in mind, there are a few things you can expect after purchasing outstanding ROI, impressive page view and unique visitor stats, relevant, flawless-quality content, loads and loads of advertising space, and a domain that will significantly increase its value over time due to the growing prevalence of Android applications and due to the lack of Android app review sites with truly quality and unique content.