Big sellers have infinite time to start a domain transfer on Sedo?

I bought a domain on Sedo more than 2 weeks ago. Or better to say I thought I bought. While I paid for the domain immediately, my hope for a fast transaction has gone.

I tried to be as patient as possible and waited 10 days for the transaction to be started (which is a Godaddy push). My first try was to send a question to the transfer agent to let me know more about what takes this long for hitting a push button. What was the answer? Nothing. I got no answer from Sedo in 4 days. No transfer, no answer, no refund. I spent $x,xxx and got nothing so far.

So I’ve decided to check the live chat, maybe they will be more communicative. Well, somewhat more, at least a live chat responds. The case is, as the support told me, that the seller is a pro member, so maybe he has no time to push the domain or answer their messages, but I can just relax.

Good to know that pro member sellers of Sedo have no rules, they can do anything they want and have no reason to hurry. This Whois guarded pro member redirected the photography related domain to a dentist’s website, which is also not something relaxing and surely not a thing that makes the domain more valuable. So let’s hope in the near future he has one minute to push the domain that he sold more than half a month ago. Sedo is patient at least.


I wrote an angry message to Sedo that I don’t wait anymore, give me my domain or refund me. I was refunded within a few hours. The status update from Sedo explains that the seller has no control on the domain anymore. The following explanations are possible:

  1. When I bought it, the seller already sold it. However, if this is the case, why I had to wait 20 days while this is realized? Also, I found the domain in the 24 hours rss, so I don’t think this is the case.
  2. Seller was running a parallel auction somewhere else and I had to wait until the auction has finished and the auction result was better than the fixed sale price. (This is the most probable explanation I think)
  3. Seller changed his mind and does not want to sell it (for this price)

In any case it would be a must to limit the transaction starting period in max 5 days, so at least I would not have to wait 20 days for nothing (or more if I write angry messages later). Another thing is that this seller should be banned, being a pro member or not. Allowing this kind of behavior destroys the trust in the marketplace itself.