Comparing Some Of The Largest Domain Name Forums

Domain forums are a great way to meet new people who do business in the same industry as you. Along with that, you can unload inventory and pickup new inventory at reasonable “reseller” prices on them. Forums are a great place to ask questions, expand your learning and even come up with new strategies or methods that you hadn’t ever thought of yourself. Aside from just networking and business transactions, most domain forums also have general chat sections that can be great for taking a load off and shooting the breeze with people. But, which forums are the best for regular domainers? Most forums build a following around one specific group of people and if you specialize in one thing then you’ll likely find one or two forums are better than the others. For example, if you do mostly SEO then you will probably want to visit SEO-specific forums because those will have more people and topics you related to than in other forums. Sure, a domain-related forum might have an SEO section on it. However, it is probably going to have significantly fewer active users in it when compared to forums that are completely around the topic of search engine optimization. Below I’ve listed several different domain-related forums that you can take a look at. Some of these forums are specific to the domain industry, some are more generic and some are even specific to just one extension in the domain industry. Continue reading to learn more about each one.

NamePros – NamePros is the most popular domain forum out there. It has sections dedicated to topics like SEO and web design, but overall this is a forum for domainers. There are lots of helpful topics over everything in the domain world, plus they’ve got a marketplace for buying and selling as well. If you’re in the domain industry and want to know which forum out there is the largest and has the most activity, the answer would be NamePros. It’s also completely free to join!

DynaDot Forums – DynaDot is a popular domain registrar among people in this industry, and they also have their own forums. You won’t find as much activity on here as you will on NamePros, and most sections are for questions and discussions related specifically to the registrar. With that in mind, these forums aren’t a great place to go hang out and waste some time. Instead, they’re best used when you have questions or issues pertaining to the DynaDot domain registrar instead. Registration to the forum is free and setup when your DynaDot account is created.

INForum – As you might guess by its name, this domain forum is dedicated to the India (.IN & .CO.IN) extensions. It’s gradually become much more active over the years and is a great place to visit regularly if you invest in the Indian domain extensions. Similar to NamePros, INForum also has a marketplace where you can often find some good deals on IN and CO.IN domains. I highly recommend joining this forum if you invest in the Indian extensions. It’s also completely free to join!

DNForum – DNForum has never had the amount of activity NamePros has. But, it’s still probably the second largest forum out there dedicated to the world of domaining. Unlike most of other forums I’ve mentioned, DNForum has 4 different pricing plans available to members. These range from Free to a one-time $400 fee. DNForum also has a marketplace section available. However, this forum doesn’t have near as many members or activity as compared to NamePros.

AcornDomains – Similar to INForum, AcornDomains is a domain forum dedicated to the UK and CO.UK extensions. If you’re someone from the UK (or who invests in the UK extension) then this would be a great board to join as you’ll often find good deals on domain names in those extensions. There are still sections for the gTLD extensions and for other services. However, you won’t find nearly as much activity in them. This place is mostly dedicated to UK extensions and best of all, it’s completely free to join!