Domain Marketplace Sales Statistics for 2019

In my previous blog post I discussed The Biggest Domain Sales in 2019. Today I want to go one step further with that discussion by focusing on the most successful domain marketplaces for sales in 2019. If you read my previous blog post then by now you know how many six figure sales there has been reported so far this year. After reading this you should have a better idea of which marketplaces have been the most successful so you can be sure to get your domain names listed on them. Keep in mind, some of these marketplaces are open to the public and some are private. Let’s not waste anymore time and get right into things!

Best Domain Marketplaces in 2019

Domain marketplaces are websites (which sometimes happen to also be registrars) where you can list your domains for sale. When a domain sells on one of these marketplaces the sale is then reported to NameBio and stored for research purposes. NameBio currently stores data from 17 different marketplaces including sites like Afternic, Sedo, GoDaddy, and DynaDot. It’s my favorite place to visit anytime I want to do research on domain sales. Anyways, listed below are the top 3 domain marketplaces (according to NameBio) this year.

GoDaddy – It’s probably not a big surprise to see that GoDaddy leads the pack in domain sales throughout this year. If you have domain names that you’re trying to sell but do not have them listed on GoDaddy then you’re surely missing out. They’re responsible for two six figure sales this year ( & and have over one hundred five figure sales reported. In fact, the company is averaging over 100 domain sales per day! The lowest sales reported by GoDaddy are $100.

NameJet – The website responsible for the second highest number of domain sales this year would be NameJet. A big reason for that is because NameJet drop catches expired domains and then auctions them off. However, it is possible for regular domain investors to get their names listed and auctioned on the website. It isn’t as easy as GoDaddy, though. In order to submit your domains to NameJet you’ll need to have Verified Bidder status. If you meet this requirement you can try submitting your domains to NameJet here. For reference, you can list any domain for sale on GoDaddy but only selected premium domains will get approved at NameJet. The company is responsible for several six figure sales this year, but their biggest was for a nice $1,200,000 USD!

DropCatch – It’s not a big surprise to see DropCatch come in with the third most sales this year either. Unlike GoDaddy and NameJet, DropCatch is a private marketplace where they only auction domains they personally drop catch. This company does the same thing NameJet does which is why they post so many sales. They register and auction off domains every single day of the week. However, unlike NameJet it is not currently possible for members to submit any of their personal domains for auction. The highest reported sale from DropCatch in 2019 was for $220,950 USD. The second highest was for $71,938 USD.

Total Reported Domain Sales For Individual Marketplaces in 2019

Private Sale – 37
GoDaddy – 51,937
NameJet – 14,009
Sedo – 3,528
DropCatch – 9,322
Flippa – 454 – 744
NamePull – 311
DynaDot – 1,274
SnapNames – 117 – 18 – 9 – 1,747
BuyDomains – 1,314
DomainMarket – 23
Uniregistry – 187
Afternic – 15