How To Disable Auto Domain Renewal at GoDaddy

GoDaddy might be the most popular domain registrar in the industry, but I’ve found they often do shady things to their customers in order to try and increase profits. For example, the checkout process at GoDaddy is never as quick and smooth when compared to other registrars. DynaDot makes the checkout process extremely quick and simple without trying to upsell the customer whereas GoDaddy will usually try to upsell the customer with the same domain under other (available) extensions, web hosting, email services, and all kinds of other stuff. It’s annoying, slows the process down, and is really only done so the company can make more money. The same goes with newly registered domain renewals. If you’ve registered a new domain with GoDaddy in the past then you may have noticed the ‘auto renewal’ of your newly registered domain has been magically turned on. That’s because GoDaddy does this automatically hoping you’ll forget about it and it’ll just automatically renew next year – whether you wanted it to or not. What’s even worse is that figuring out how to cancel auto renewal of your GoDaddy domains isn’t very straightforward. It’s not a difficult process, but if you’ve found yourself having trouble figuring out how to do it, trust me when I say you’re not alone.

I understand that there are plenty of good reasons to have your domains auto-renew, and for certain domains you may want to make sure auto-renew is turned on. However, there are also several reasons not to have a specific domain automatically renew and in my personal experience, the more domains you own should mean the less likely you are to want auto renew enabled. Listed below are some simple steps you can follow to disable GoDaddy automatic domain renewals on a domain.

How To Disable Automatic Domain Renewal at GoDaddy

1. Login To Your GoDaddy Account – First, login to your GoDaddy account and click the dropdown located in the upper right-hand corner next to your name. Then, select Account Settings.

2. Click Renewals & Billing – From the Account Settings page look for the box titled Renewals & Billing. Most people assume there would be a box here that says “My Renewals” to make things easier, but that isn’t the case. Always look for Renewals & Billing!

On the next page you will see a list of all your domain names, plus any other GoDaddy products you currently have, along with a row of buttons at the top which say Renewal, Auto Renewal On, Cancel Renewal, and Update Payment. Things can get a little confusing here, because there is no auto renewal off button. Instead, you’ll have to use the Cancel Renewal button, which sounds a bit scary. Trust me, this option doesn’t mean you’ll be giving up the domain. It’s actually the button you have to use in order to cancel domain auto renewal.

3. Select The Domains to Cancel Auto Renewal On – Select which domains you want auto renewal disabled for, or just hit the Select All if you want to turn it off for all domains and products.

4. Click Cancel Renewal – Once you click the cancel renewal button auto renewal will be turned off for the domains and other products you selected. Keep in mind, if the domain says (for example) Cancels 10/04/2019 then what that actually means is that it expires on 10/04/2019, unless we manually renew it.