How To Succeed Buying Expired Domains

There are several different reasons a buyer may choose to purchase expired domains. Dropped domain names are an excellent way to take full advantage of someone else’s hard work in order to make your online business flourish. If you’ve been considering buying a new domain, why not try and capitalize on purchasing one that’s recently expired instead?! Haven’t you heard the saying that one persons junk could be another persons treasure?

In general, good domain names that expire tend to be from someone purchasing the name, developing it, and then forgetting about it which leads to it expiring. Maybe the owner failed to renew the domain due to some unforeseen life circumstance. It also may have been from a project they were once passionate about and then lost interest later on. Whatever the circumstance might be, with the assistance of dropped domains, you can take full advantage of the previous owner’s hard work and effort. Many expired domains already have established traffic coming into them, which can bring in additional profits for your online business.

Searching for quality domains that recently dropped and have incoming traffic can be a difficult task because many other people are searching and wanting to register the same thing. Thankfully, there is both software out there (such as DesktopCatcher) and other domain backorder services (such as NameJet) that can help automate this process for you, while also increasing your odds of being successful because of speed. That means you can scan through lists and evaluate which names are good enough for your niche mark, and then use other tools to be more successful at becoming the new owner of them. Listed below are three different types of people who you will be competing with most often when it comes to these types of domains.

1. Buyers Who Purchase Large Quantities Of Domains – Domainers who purchase large quantities of names can be considered the top of the expired domain business. These types of investors make income from dropped domains by selling them for good profit. Those who purchase large quantities of expired domains tend to use them for a variety of different purposes. A good chunk of them are often used for domain parking where the investors can continuously make semi-decent income from parking companies. Another avenue some of these investors take is to rent or lease these domains for increased profit.

2. Buyers Who Purchase Expired Domains For Profit – A large portion of expired domain names belong in this group. These type of buyers invest in expired domains because they sense that there is something beneficial in them. With that in mind, they could be attracted to the incoming type-in traffic, the number of backlinks, trust flow, or domain authority.

3. Buyers Who Purchase Expired Domains For Speculation – These types of expired domain buyers think that (at a minimum) some of the expired domain names they purchase will have exponential value in the foreseeable future. Intuitive sellers can anticipate positive shifts in the domain industry, and they utilize these shifts to purchase only the most premium domains which are solely for commercial ventures.