How to check fake Pagerank?

We’ve got some questions, namely, how to identify fake Pagerank. So here is the answer.

First, since Pagerank is an outdated (or hidden) metrics, actual Pagerank toolbar shows a historical value, how much Pagerank was 2 years ago. All domains that were registered later than 2013 and has a Pagerank are fake.

To identify older fake Pagerank (PR) domains easily, we should explain how these fake numbers are created. If you redirect a domain to another domain with a Pagerank, it might happen that the redirected domain will have the same toolbar PR as the target page has. Check an example. “has” a PR of 8. Really? Have you ever heard about this website, which should be as important as e.g. Amazon? Check its backlinks on Opensite Explorer. Domain authority (DA) is 23. Very low. The general rule is that PR is about DA/10. If DA is much less than PR*10, it is suspicious so you should check it further. Go to Wayback Machine and check Wapipedia there. Bingo! It was redirected to and take that Pagerank.

Fake Pagerank domains have no value, so once you found out that it is fake it is not worth buying it.