Profitably selling domains is even harder on Flippa after they acquired Domain Holdings

When Flippa acquired Domain Holdings, I thought there are two possible ways Flippa will utilize this connection.

– optimistic one: Domain Holdings Brokers will work in the background to find bidders to the listed domains

– pessimistic one: Domain Holdings Brokers will sell their high-end domains on Flippa

It turned out that I was too optimistic even with the pessimistic scenario. The thing is that Flippa is now flooded with low-end domains of DH brokers and the worst part is that all of them are premium listings.


Brokers list huge number of premium listings: this is just a partial screenshot from one broker and he has many more for sale and there are many DH brokers

So try to challenge with these as a regular seller. I cannot spend $250 + success fees on listings that are sold around $100. If Domain Holdings brokers can just use premium listings free – which seems to be the case based on these listings – that hugely devaluates premium listings of anyone else. The current situation is that I get as many views on premium listings as I got for standard listings a year ago; and there are almost no views on regular listings. This is why Flippa now recommends that listing alone is not enough, sellers must actively find buyers to their listings. While I do this for domains worth $5k+, trying to find buyers to lower value domains equals spamming and I avoid that. Since most of the time Flippa buyers are Flippa sellers, killing sellers will have a deadly effect in the whole marketplace. Flippa, please, treat your sellers equally with your own or even better – don’t be a player of your own marketplace!