The Best Website Builders in 2019

At this day in age, every business should have a website. The internet has expanded into just about every country on this planet and there is no reason your business should not have a website. It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is, a website is one of the best ways to expand both your reach and customer base. When it comes to creating a website some business owners frown. It sounds like an impossible task and anyone who has ever talked to a professional web design company will tell you the cost for creating something with them isn’t cheap. Thankfully, as technology has progressed so has the process of creating websites. In fact, today there are several different website building platforms that can help you create something beautiful (albeit somewhat basic) absolutely free, or for a pretty affordable price. Keep in mind, these won’t be extremely sophisticated websites like Facebook or eBay. However, they’re all many businesses need to expand their presence on the internet, schedule appointments, or view reach out to you.

Those who have some basic knowledge in web design might want to download and install a platform such as WordPress to have a little bit more control over the design, and also being able to do things like sell products online. However, I would only recommend that for those who are familiar with creating websites. If you’re not in the category, a website builder is what you’ll need! Continue reading below to learn more about the best free website builders and how you can begin using them today.

Weebly – If you’re completely new to creating websites then Weebly is an excellent choice! They have both free and paid options available, but free website designs will include a Weebly banner on them. Considering you’ll get a free domain registration along with your purchase, business owners wanting a beautiful design with lots of features should consider paying the $12/month (when priced annually) to get everything they need. Free SSL, $100 Google Ads credit, and advanced site statistics are all worth the cost. Even running WordPress yourself would cost about half of this each month for the web hosting alone.

Wix – This company is one of the more popular options. They do lots of advertising across the web and if you’ve been searching for how to build a website more than likely they’ve been displayed to you. Wix has over 500 different templates for you to choose from and several other great features as well. Sites are automatically mobile optimized, unlimited fonts are available, and they can even help you create a store to sell products online. Similar to Weebly, there are both free and paid options available through Wix. Prices start slightly higher than Weebly at $13 per month, and free websites will automatically display a Wix banner on them.

Site123 – The one company in this list many of you probably haven’t heard of is Site123. Similar to the other two above, this company has both free and paid options available. However, unlike the other two listed above, Site123 has just one paid option. Free accounts will display a Site123 banner, but one paid account gets you full access to all of their features. Most of those features are the same as the other two companies above. Enjoy free domain registration, E-commerce capabilities, and more!