Where To Buy Premium Domain Names

Have you ever done a domain lookup only to find the name you wanted was already taken? Perhaps you found a name that was available for purchase but it was priced at a figure you couldn’t even believe? If so, welcome to the world of premium domain names. Premium domains are exactly what they sound like. They’re domains that are more expensive than normal, and usually because of good reasons. Domains become premium for a large number of different reasons which includes length, keywords and brandability. So, where are the best places to buy premium domain names? When it comes to these types of domains you’ll be spending good amounts of money to acquire them, so you want to be absolutely sure the process will go as safe and smoothly as possible. That usually means using a domain marketplace or auction website that uses an Escrow process to make sure things go smoothly. Listed below are several different domain marketplaces that aren’t just safe, established and reliable, they’re also well known for having premium domains available to buy all year long!

Sedo – Sedo is one of the largest domain marketplaces in the world. They provide a reliable and secure platform plus an Escrow process that guarantees you won’t get scammed. They offer a great search tool that makes the process of filtering by length, extension and a variety metrics extremely simple. I’ve personally used Sedo for over a decade now and have never had a problem buying or selling domain names on their platform.

Flippa – Although this marketplace isn’t just used for domains, they still get lots of premium domains listed there. Flippa became popular initially by being a marketplace for websites and other online businesses. They expanded into the domain market several years ago and it’s been a big hit for them ever since! Similar to Sedo, Flippa also uses an Escrow system that guarantees your money will be safe. Their platform isn’t as user-friendly as Sedo, but there are still several different filter options you can use to narrow your searches down to find only good premium domains.

GoDaddy – Most people only think of GoDaddy as a domain registrar and completely forget the fact that they also have their own domain marketplace. The GoDaddy marketplace is full of premium domain names that are for sale and just like the other two marketplaces I’ve already mentioned – GoDaddy also uses their own Escrow system which assures your money will be completely safe. Along with the GoDaddy marketplace where you can search and make offers for domains other users own, this company also has an expired domain market as well. With GoDaddy being the largest domain registrar in the world, often times premium domains will expire and hit the expired domain marketplace. If you come across these names you can bid on them and likely get them cheaper than if you were buying directly from another seller.

NamePros – This is the largest domain forum online, and they have a section dedicated to premium domains that are for sale. But, one thing to keep in mind with NamePros is that you are dealing directly with the seller and that means there is no Escrow system in place. You’ll want to use more caution when buying a premium domain on NamePros and if you reach a deal with someone you might even want to complete the transaction using one of the marketplaces above or Escrow.com to assure the transaction goes smoothly for both parties. NamePros is a great place to acquire new premium domains and you’ll find that most users on the forum are legitimate. However, you can never be too careful and when we’re talking about the kind of money being exchanged for premium domains, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.