a great domain auction portal without bidders

I made an interesting experiment in the last 2 weeks: bid on 10 domains at Cax. Yes, it is an experiment, because the site is not an over-documented one and the listings are not really standardized and can be strange for the first sight.  It was my first time trying out the platform and it seems I was very alone bidding at Cax. I can ensure that the domains I was bidding are great and the starting bids were low as compared to their value. Some examples:

  • for $500,
  • for $3300,
  • for $500,
  • for $1000,
  • or for $1400

So these were the starting prices for these domains, and when I made my bid, a 6 days auctions has been started, which is heavily promoted both in Domaining website and newsletter. Despite the promotion, the only bid that was not made by me in this period was a clear shill bid for (a $4000 bid, with a bin reduced at the same time to $5000). Oh, and there was other one, I made a $850 bid for and was overbid with a $1000 bid that past the reserve. However, there is no change in Whois after a week, so most probably the bid was not real. This domain is listed for $20,000 on Afternic, anyway. The other auctions were under the reserve.

No more bids came in these 2 weeks, no more auction started, all the activity on the portal during these 2 weeks was initiated by me.

There are 18,000 domains listed currently there, some of them are very good. Of course, most of them are overpriced but not all. I especially like that Estibot prices and search volumes are shown next to the domain names. There should be a reason why it is not used by buyers, maybe the design of the site is not professional enough?